Blodgett Canyon on Memorial Weekend

Over Memorial weekend we decided to do a 4 day 3 night hike into Blodgett Canyon. This trail is found outside of Hamilton, MT and is a favorite of mine just due to the ever changing scenery as you go. I have a question for you. Do you want to add more interest to your adventures?? Bring the kids along! Over the weekend Sierra and I decided to do just that, and what a different dynamic did that decision make to this adventure.

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This was the first backpacking trip that we decided to bring the kids along, and let me just say we had some badass kids that rocked it! Let me start by praising the four of them on how well they did! We even had passers by who complimented them, and the mamas, for being out on this trail. They were troopers the entire time. Sierra and I each have one boy and one girl, their ages are 7, 10, 11, and 12. We hiked 14 miles this trip and would have been more had we not run into some flooding of our trail. More on that in a bit. They all packed in their gear as well as some food. I must say you really never know their ability until you test it. I was surprised that they were able to pack in as much as they did. I was completely prepared to take on some of their gear if they were having a hard time.

With the kids we needed to think differently since it wasn’t just our abilities we were working with.  This is where the flooding will come into play. This is a little early in the year to hit this trail since we were planning on trying to make it up to the lake. However, 3Sierra and I are confident we could have made it up there, might have taken us some time and we may have needed snow shoes to make it easier but none the less. By the time we got to our planned on camping destination 4 of 4 kids had soaked boots and socks. We built a fire and dried out socks and shoes. The next day we set out to make it a little further down the trail. Our efforts were foiled. Sierra went ahead at this point and it was a good distance before we could even hit dry trail again and picking through the way was very soggy. We would not keep kids in dry shoes at all. We were all a little disappointed, but we made the best of the situation. We went back to camp and just enjoyed the sights and sounds that surrounded us. We had a lot of great ones too, birds, including a noisy wood pecker that hung out around our camp, wind, water, rain, thunder and even heard a pack of wolves howling.


4The kids had such a great time making up their own games and keeping themselves busy. The water in the trail ended up making for a great source of water for us to use when filtered for drinking water as well as a boat racing area. Lemons were made into lemonade. The water was coming from the snow melting in the high country. It was cold and wonderful tasting. The different types of wood and the different stages of decomp made for fun scientific testing to see which would work the best as boat material. Then the races began. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend. We look forward to more adventures without the kids because sometimes you just need some time in the adult world but, knowing that they are fully capable and love to join us makes these mamas very happy! There will be trips planned now that include them and they will also start being included on the planning of the trips. With books and apps out there with information as well as pictures of a great many hikes we are excited to see what they are interested in checking out. That will even help them getting excited about the challenge when they know they had something to do with the choice.

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